Private Lesson Types

Private Lesson: 1 Player

One-on-one instruction with a Lucky Shots Instructor is a great way to improve a particular skill or mechanic you are struggling with.

Lucky Shots Instructors: $100/hr
Teaching Pro Sammy Lee: $120/hr

Semi Private Lesson: 2 Players

Semi private lessons allow two people to work on specific skills and mechanics with a Lucky Shots Instructor. This a great lesson to take with your partner or a friend.

Lucky Shots Instructors: $120/hr
Teaching Pro Sammy Lee: $140/hr


Group Lesson: 3 Players

3 players work with a Lucky Shots Instructor in a very interactive lesson. Skills and mechanics can be worked on in real-time play with the instructor as one of the players.

Lucky Shots Instructors: $140/hr
Teaching Pro Sammy Lee: $160/hr

Group Lesson: 4 Players

This lesson type is a great opportunity for a small group to work on improving their playing style and mechanics. The Lucky Shots Instructor is able to properly diagnose and correct your mechanics as they view you from all angles during play. Both mechanics and strategy can be discussed effectively in this lesson type.

Lucky Shots Instructors: $150/hr
Teaching Pro Sammy Lee: $170/hr

Teaching Pro Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee is a PPR certified coach and competes in tournaments across the country. He is a 5.0 PPA and APP gold medalist. He is also beginning to compete at the professional level! Sammy enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the game and loves to see everyone having fun and succeeding. He loves teaching all skill levels whether you are a beginner learning techniques or an advanced player looking to learn new weapons and the high level strategies.


Lucky Shots Instructors

Will D

Will Davison is a PCI certified instructor, father, husband, and a pickleball junkie. He’s competed in many tournaments locally and out-of-state and is called “The Silver King” by his oldest daughter. He enjoys seeing his players make progress and smiles often because he gets to do this for his job! He has coached players ages 6 to 91. He can facilitate many types of lessons based on your goals, the situations you’d like to work on, and whether you just want to have fun or get technical. Will has experience doing lessons for married couples, first dates, company parties, and competitive players preparing for tournaments. He is excited to work on whatever you’d like!


Sara B

Sara Berndt began playing pickleball in 2019. She loves pickleball because it gives her the opportunity to compete while making friends along the way! Sara is a 5.0 PPA and APP medalist. She is a PCI certified instructor who wants to share her passion for the sport while teaching drills, strategies, and techniques to improve your game!

Tyler H

Tyler Hong is a PCI certified instructor and competes in tournaments locally and across the country. He is a 5.0 PPA and APP gold medalist and is now competing at the professional level! Tyler can develop a customized lesson plan to work on any of your pickleball goals. He enjoys teaching about technique and strategy to help you win more points and have fun along the way!

David B

David Bergman grew up playing tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Since being introduced to pickleball in the summer of 2021, he hasn’t found time for any other sport! David is a PPR Pickleball Certified Coach and has competed in several 4.0 tournaments around Minnesota. His favorite thing about pickleball is how it brings a wide variety of people together and he loves to see the joy that new players have when playing for the first time! David works with beginner and improving players and is available for private or group lessons.

Nate M

Nate Moore started getting into Pickleball through his parents in 2016. He loves that pickleball is a dynamic sport that helps build community. He likes to bring fun into coaching with a positive attitude and by creating a safe environment for players to learn and grow. Nate is a 4.5 rated player and has medaled both 4.0 and 4.5 tournaments. Nate is a PPR certified instructor.

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