Step One DUPR Match Sessions

Lucky Shots is excited to offer opportunities for individuals to build their official ratings through DUPR, a free pickleball rating system. To join our DUPR Match Sessions, you must first create a free DUPR account by downloading the app (link below). Then, sign up for a DUPR Match Session through Court Reserve based on either a self-rating or a current DUPR rating. An official rating is not required to play in these DUPR Match Sessions.

During DUPR Match Sessions, players are expected to record all matches on the designated clipboard that will be placed near the courts. Once the Match Session is over, Lucky Shots staff will enter all of the games into DUPR. After about 10 matches are logged on your profile, you will receive an official DUPR rating. You will then get entered into a restricted rating group that will then allow you to register for our Official Rated Play.

Learn more about DUPR (and find the links to the app store) HERE.

Step Two Official Rated Play

Once you have logged about 10 matches through our Match Sessions, you are now ready to join our Official Rated Play! This is an open play for players within your specific rating group, allowing for more quality, controlled play to build your DUPR scores. DUPR and CourtReserve accounts are synched and updated daily to assign players to the appropriate rating groups.

DUPR Matches and Official Rated Play